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  1. questionHow do I activate a TV Everywhere network on a Roku?
    1. Download the supported app (HBO GO, Watch ESPN, CNN, etc.) from the Channel Store on your Roku player. 2. Launch the app on your Roku device. 3. Click the 'Activate Your Device' button. The next screen should display your activation code. 4. In a web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, ...
  2. questionHow do I activate a TV Everywhere network on Apple TV?
    1. Launch the supported app (HBO GO, Watch ESPN, CNN, etc.) on your Apple TV. 2. On your Apple TV remote, use the touchpad to click on 'Welcome' 3. This will bring the cursor to 'Activate', click again on the touchpad to proceed. 4. The next screen should display your activation code. 5. ...
  3. questionIs TVE available when I am traveling outside of the United States?
    No. Our programming agreements prohibit TVE access outside the United States due to geographic rights restrictions.
  4. questionWhat is the recommended download speed for TV Everywhere content?
    The minimum requirement is 10M, however if you are accessing TV Everywhere with multiple devices, a higher Internet speed will result in an optimal viewing experience.
  5. questionIs there a tutorial video available for TV Everywhere?
    Yes. Please go to and click the tutorial link found at the top of the page.
  6. questionWhat is required for accessing TV Everywhere content?
    To access TV Everywhere (TVE) content you will need to verify that you subscribe to the appropriate tier of TV service from SECV, a High-Speed Internet connection and an SECV username and password. TVE is available for the channels within your TV subscription at no additional charge. Please v ...
  7. questionWhat channels can I access with WatchESPN?
    WatchESPN delivers live access to ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, SEC Network, ESPNews, and ESPN Deportes, on computers, smartphones, tablets and TV connected devices. Access to this service is available at no additional cost, and is limited to the ESPN channels in your TV subscription. ESPN3 is not curre ...
  8. questionWhat is TV Everywhere?
    TV Everywhere (TVE) is a video experience whereby you can enjoy your favorite content (TV shows, movies, etc.) on your computer (Windows or Mac), mobile device (iPad app, iPhone app, Android app, Windows 8) or connected TV devices/game console (Samsung Smart TV, Roku, XBOX 360, XBOX One, Apple T ...
  9. questionWhere can I access TV Everywhere content?
    TV Everywhere (TVE) content can be accessed from our website Simply click the network logo to begin watching online, or download the app from your mobile device.
  10. questionWhat TV Everywhere content is currently available?
    Please visit for a list of available TV Everywhere (TVE) networks. Simply click on the network logo to begin watching online, or download the app to your mobile device. An Internet connection, SECV username and password, and a paid TV subscription are required to access TV Eve ...
  11. questionI recently upgraded to an additional tier of service. How long will it take to acess the TV Everywhere content included in my new tier?
    Please allow 24-48 hours prior to attempting to access TV Everywhere (TVE) content after you have upgraded to a particular tier of service.
  12. questionHow often will I need to enter my username and password?
    For each device (e.g. PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.), you must only complete the verification process once, provided you check the “remember me” box when verifying your account information. Also note that for some at-home users, “automatic” validation may occur, allowing ...
  13. questionHow do I access TV Everywhere content via my computer?
    To watch TV Everywhere content via your computer you will be prompted to select your cable, provider (Service Electric Cablevision) from the "Select TV Provider" list. You then will be asked to verify your TV subscription, this often means only entering the username/password corresponding to th ...
  14. questionWhat if I have an account, but I can't remember my username and password?
    If you do not remember your TV Everywhere username or password, go to the TV Everywhere login page and click the Forgot TV Everywhere Username or Password links and follow the instructions.
  15. questionWhat if I don't have a username and password with Service Electric Cablevision?
    A username & password are required to verify your TV Everywhere account status. Visit and select the "TV" link at the top of the page. Click the "Watch Now" link to go to the TVE page. Click the "Register for TVE" link a the top of this page. The account creation process will r ...
  16. questionWhich devices support TV Everywhere?
    TV Everywhere can be accessed on multiple platforms such as mobile devices, tablets, gaming consoles, connected TV devices, however not every device is universally supported by all networks. Please visit for a full list of participating networks and the corresponding supported ...
  17. questionIs live content available via TV Everywhere?
    Yes! Both live and On Demand content is available with TV Everywhere, but is dependent on the availability from the network. Please visit for a list of live and On Demand content.
  18. questionHow do I access TV Everywhere content via my mobile device or tablet?
    To watch content on your favorite devices you must download the corresponding app from the app store for your device. Please visit for a list of supported devices by network. Upon accessing the app, you will be prompted to select your cable, provider (Service Electric Cablevi ...
  19. questionAre my username and password the same as the credentials I utilize for SECV's online bill pay?
    No, you will need to register for your unique TV Everywhere registration credentials with SECV in order to watch TV Everywhere content. However, it is possible to set up these credentials using the same username and password as the SECV Online Account Management system.